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Mia is a comedian/actor/writer/filmmaker and recent graduate of 

The Second City Film School, the only film school focused solely on comedy.

Mia produces original comedy shorts and has been seen onstage performing comedy in New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Her work has been featured on The BBC, CBS, PBS, New York Times' The Daily, POPSUGAR, Funny Or Die, WhoHaha, and more. 


Mia has been seen Off-Broadway and in National Tours, and her most recent short film, The Last Hurrah, has played in festivals around the country. 

Wait who?

Mia Weinberger Resume.jpg


What folks are saying:

It’s dangerous to drink anytime Weinberger is

about to open her mouth.
Like the Trump women she’s playing, the gutsy dynamo turns on a dime between the roles of daughter and wife, charting in Ivanka and Melania precise gradations of haughty shallowness:

Her Ivanka is to Trump Tower born, a serene grifter confident that there’s a generation of working mothers who believe that buying goods she’s endorsed will contribute to their empowerment. Her Melania, meanwhile, squints up as she tries to remember her scripted blather condemning boulies and their boulying — it’s touchingly hard for her to maintain the illusion of family dignity when she doesn’t believe it herself.”
- Alan Scherstuhl, The Village Voice

“The performers are all fine singers and fizzy delights,
with Richard Spitaletta and Mia Weinberger emerging as particularly skillful impersonators... When the evening concluded, with

Ms. Weinberger’s Hillary Clinton crooning a riff on

CeeLo Green’s “Forget You,” the audience got to its feet,

lustily singing along.”
- Alexis Soloski, The New York Times


"If you binge-watched The Queen's Gambit... you'll definitely get a kick out of Mia Weinberger's latest TikTok videos.... Her impression is so spot-on, you'll feel like you're really watching an episode of the Netflix miniseries."

-Kelsie Gibson, POPSUGAR

Weinberger’s impressions of [Betsy] DeVos, Melania Trump,

Kim Jong-un and Hillary Clinton

make Kate McKinnon’s SNL jabs look elementary and dry.”
- Iris Wiener,

Mia Weinberger gives a standout performance playing some of the most recognizable women in American politics.”



“The show-stopping Mia Weinberger plays an extremely (and rightfully) angry Hillary Clinton, demonstrating an outstanding soprano range and frighteningly accurate character work.” - Katharine Nedder,

Mia Weinberger, a singing dynamo who is also a comedian in her own right, does an hysterical impression of Melania Trump.”
- Sarah Downs, The Front Row Center

Weinberger uncannily channels Trump’s daughter Ivanka... Weinberger also uses her impressionist skills to deliver a quietly befuddled First Lady Melania Trump; and in the big finale, a rambunctious Hillary Clinton.”

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